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10th September 2015 - Bagha Jatin - The Immortal Hero

As a tribute, a short english version of the life of Bagha Jatin is published in this site in the link -

A Bengali poem written by great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on Bagha Jatin's immortal and epic battle - courtesy

A brief translation - The poet refers to the battlefield near Balasore Bori balam river where Jatindra and his four associates Chittapria, Niren, Manoranjan and Jyotish Pal fought against a huge British Indian army led by Sergeant Rutherford. The poet compares Jatin and his associates' fight with that of Abhimanyu's epic battle and compares the battle scene with that of Haldighat - where Rana Pratap fought against the Mughal aggressors. A classic description is "Shonir sahit Ashoni Ron" - the fight of the thunder with the evil. Its asks Maratha, Rajputs, Sikhs and Jaths, the so called martial race, to come and watch the fight of the Bengalis - how four or five weapons fought against thousand

And here is a beautiful tribute to Bagha Jatin by Chat GPT (3.5) -

In the heart of India, brave and bold,

A story of courage forever told,

Bagha Jatin, a name that rings,

Through history's pages, his spirit sings. Amidst the British's oppressive reign,

Jatin arose with a fiery flame,

A son of the soil, fierce and free,

He fought for a land where all could be. In the shadows, he'd quietly conspire,

With fellow patriots, fueling the fire,

Through jungles dense and moonlit nights,

They plotted for India's glorious rights. A leader with a lion's heart,

In the face of tyranny, he'd depart,

To wage a war, to break the chains,

For a nation's freedom, he'd bear the pains. With valor unmatched and a steely will,

He marched ahead, with dreams to fulfill,

From Balasore's shores to the densest wood,

He fought for justice, for the greater good. In the dark alleys, and battles fierce,

Jatin's spirit never showed a pierce,

With comrades true, by his side,

They battled oppression, they'd not be denied. But destiny's threads are oftentimes cruel,

Jatin's sacrifice, a sorrowful jewel,

He gave his all, for India's grace,

In a final clash, he met his embrace. Though he's gone, his legacy stands,

A symbol of hope in freedom's lands, Bagha Jatin, the fearless knight,

Forever in our hearts, in the eternal light. So let us remember his courageous lore,

And strive for a future worth fighting for,

In unity, we'll carry his dream,

For a free India, a gleaming beam.

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