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Abad Khan - who was a facilitator of Subhas's escape from Peshawar

Adapted from Netaji Sango o Prosongo and Banhiman Netaji

Subhas Chandra Bose as Maulavi Zia Ud Din, apparently changed the train in Tundla junction, to catch the Frontier Mail to Peshawar. He had boarded the Kalka mail from Gomoh. He descended at Naushehra junction and was accompanied by Abad Khan, one of the Mian Akbar Shah appointed person, to take him to Peshawar. From Peshawar, Abad Khan took Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagatram Talwar to the Afghanistan Border in the NWFP. Abad Khan had to endure severe torture in the hand of British military police afterwards. But he revealed nothing. Like many other patriots like him, the story of Abad Khan and his contribution to this extremely valuable chapter of Indian history and his bravery, had faded into oblivion.

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