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Bhagwanji's experience - describing the Afghan Mujahidins - courtesy Oi Mahamanab Ase

The Rise of Talibans - predicted and experienced by Bhagwanji (An extract from the Bengali book Oi Mahamanab Ase that narrates the discussions and conversations between Bhagwanji/Mahakal and his disciples).

Bhagwanji, possibly in the course of his travels across Pakistan and Afghanistan had a first hand experience of the Afghan Mujahidins, who were being reared by US and UK in collaboration with Pakistan post Russian invasion in 1979. His words (translation mine) - "A major fun is brewing up in P...(Pakistan?) - all Afghans have nested there, leading a luxurious life - Wining - Dining - Womanizing - Lording - life...such a life evokes jealousy....enormous amount of money, enormous number of items of luxury, enormous number of deadly weapons, huge quantity of drugs - opium, marijuana, refined cocaine.... 2000 dollar per ounce....being exported to America in thousands of tons... About 30 lakhs of Afghanis, with family, being settled in "P..", in thousands of huge building complexes, university complexes. They have established themselves there (ISI training centers for Mujahidins, funded by US/UK). And thousands of foreign teachers (CIA?), advisors, guerilla warfare trainers, supervisors, ordinance office, supply channel....oh my God, that's a mega affair...All within "P..", but not entirely under the control of "P...". "P.." cannot say anything....A special turn in the events will result in - split...splitter (sic) ...splittest (sic) (Samskrit - Khanda, Khandah, Khandaah...)"

This vividly describes the rise of the Mujahidins to fight Russian aggression under active support from CIA and promoted by Pak. The Taliban later came up as an offshoot of the Mujahidins and Al Quaida was also from the Mujahidins. America created its own enemy and Pakistan has bred its own nemesis in its backward. The fate of Pakistan is predicted very clearly - multiple split (Khandaah). We are seeing the uprising in Baluchistan and how Pashtuns are waging war with the help of a section of the Taliban in Pakistan. As you sow, so shall you reap.

But the amazing part is this great man's ability to experience and foretell all major global events....Readers may draw their own conclusion.

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