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Bombing of INA hospital by American forces

INA had four base hospitals in Mandalay, Maymyo, Mongwa and Mayang to treat the wounded soldiers and civilians. On 10 February 1945 an American B29 Bomber dropped incendiary bombs on the Mayang hospital killing all the doctors, nurses, volunteers and wounded, despite seeing the Red Cross symbol that was displayed prominently. As per On February 10, 1945, five waves of American B 29s dropped conventional and incendiary bombs on the INA hospital in Myang and razed it to the ground. Hospital was clearly written and the Red Cross sign was prominent, but the democratic and human rights activist Americans, who thought it was their moral duty to police half the world, did not spare even the sick. Many patients were killed and the survivors had to be rushed to the general hospital in Rangoon. Maj. Gen. Aziz Ahmed received a head injury and was out of action. Netaji rushed to the site, despite his severe back pain, and personally supervised the rescue operation. He visited daily the burnt victims in the hospital and ensured best possible medical care for them. S.A Ayer said, "I am still hoping that one day the Americans will tell the world the real reason for their blasting and burning the I.N.A hospital in Myang (Rangoon), on Saturday, 10th February, 1945."

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