Calcutta High Court on INA treasure - 10th January 2020

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Sri Nandalal Chakrabarty vs. Govt. of India case 672/2016 Writ Petition - Chief Justice Thottathil B Radhakrishnan and Justice Arijit Bannerjee of Kolkata High court have asked the Central Government to provide information on the INA treasure within one year, in a judgement on 10th January 2020. This case was fought by Surajit Dasgupta (passed away in 2018), Prof. Nandalal chakrabarty, Dr. Madhusudan Pal etc.

Calcutta High cout directs centre to examine issues of missing INA treasure - bench of THottathil Radhakrishnan Chief Justice and Justice Arijit Banerjee has asked Union Govt to take a collective look in such a manner as they may deem fit at the entire issue and to conclude finally, what if any the government proposes to do regarding the matters" - court has given 1 year time to respond.

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