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Declaration of War on America and Britain, Beginning of the training of Rani Jhansi Regiment

"The British know very well that I say what I mean and that what I mean I say. So, when I say War I mean War to the finish-a war that can only end in the freedom of India." Netaji declared war on Britain and America on 24 October 1943. The decision was not unchallenged. Col. Loganathan protested - "Why America Sir?" He asked. Netaji presented his proposal. He never imposed his opinion. He only relied on razor sharp logic. When Azad Hind Army would march to India it would have to fight the American army that had camped in every corner of Asia to help the British Imperialists. Why did America send its army on Indian soil? Why did she not refuse to help Britain unless Britain promised to give independence to her colonies? If Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a war criminal for allying with the Japanese, in the same manner George Washington was a war criminal for allying with the French for ousting teh British colonizers from American soil. The duplicity and the hypocrisy of America had forced Azad Hind Provincial Government to declare a war on her. Col. Loganathan and others whole heartedly supported this rational

Image - courtesy Prof Kapil Kumar, Twitter

On 12 July 1943, the Rani of Jhansi Regiment was formally and officially formed. The training in Singapore began on 23rd October, 1943.

Image courtesy - crowdsourced from Facebook - Freely available images for public consumption (not for commercial purpose)

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