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Declassified Files on Netaji - Was Netaji in Dalat on Aug 18?

A note found in Mountbatten's diary, presented in Khosla Commission revealed that Netaji did not go beyond Tourane in North Vietnam. From there Netaji Bose and General Shidei separated themselves from the other passengers of the plane. Netaji went back to Dalat, the HQ of Japanese S.E Asia army under Field Marshall Terauchi. From there he moved to Dairen along with Shidei on a separate plane. Shidei was deputed to take charge of the Japanese Kwantung army supposed to battle the Russian invasion in Manchuria. Japanese army surrendered to Russia on Aug 22. Netaji apparently crossed Manchuria in a jeep from Dairen, loaded with gold that he carried with him. On Aug 23 the news of his death in an aircrash was broadcasted to the world by the Domei news agency of Tokyo.

Historian J B P More has also claimed based an old French secret service report that was dated December 11, 1947, that Netaji was in Vietnam or French Indo China for a brief period. More chanced upon the report at the National Archives of France. French report written for the “Haut Commisariat de France for Indochina” SDECE Indochinese Base BCRI No.41283 csah Ex No. 616, under the title: “Archival Information on Subhas Chandra Bose claims that Bose was the ex-chief of the Indian Independence League and a member of Hikari Kikan, a Japanese organisation. It is further stated clearly that he escaped from Indochina, though it does not state how.”

Bhagwanji mentions about his possible interactions with Ho Chi Minh and the Annamite Government in Vietnam. The Chicago based stringer Alfred Wag seen him and photographed him in Dalat on Aug 19. Later he confronted Nehru with the photograph and his claim. However nobody gave much importance to his claim.

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