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Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das - Guru and political mentor of Subhas

Subhas met C.R Das to find that he was not the same man earning thousands in days and spending the same in hours. C.R Das was a king of the youth, he could understand their mindset and he could get their allegiance as well. He could give everything that he had and also demanded everything that his followers could give him. Subhas thus put himself under C.R Das whom he would be following, though not blindly, for often they would argue on the methods and means, but in principle. C.R Das understood Subhas very well, he was perhaps the only person who could do so. He put Subhas in charge of the nationalization of education. Chittaranjan formed the Swarajya Party and swept the council seats, much to the chagrin of the Gandhi Congress

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