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Subhas meets his friends in Cambridge

Dilip Kumar Roy, who was in Cambridge at that time together with Kshitij and Subhas, wrote about Subhas's long inner struggles, particularly how he was affected by the letters from his family on the issue of quitting ICS. Naturally Janakinath Bose was very upset. But no amount of  remonstrances could dislodge him from his avowed goal, of not serving two masters. Dilip also remembers how Subhas liked staying with the family of Dr. N.R Dharamvir in Manchester whose English wife was very sympathetic to these young boys and became their beloved Didi. Remembers Dilip, "she was one English women to whom he (Subhas) had ever opened up emotionally." A touching scene was enacted when Subhas and his friends had left Manchester. "Suddenly as the train whistled, Mrs. Dharamvir flung into our laps two little parcels." They contained a few nuts and other condiments, seeing which Subhas fondly remarked, "women, will always be women", implying the presence of inherent motherliness in all women across the world.

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