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Summary of the contributions of Subhas Chandra Bose

1. Only leader to have quit ICS and joined freedom movement 2. Only leader to become CEO of Calcutta Municipal Corporation and give up his entire salary 3. Only leader to be arrested 11 times by the British 4. One of the few key leaders to be sent to the notorious Mandalay prison 5. One of the few leaders to won an election from jail 6. As Calcutta Mayor was beaten by the British police on the streets and yet stood his ground 7. Wrote a book Indian Struggle while under deportation in Europe 8. Established international contact and took every opportunity to highlight India’s plight in international forum while in Europe 9. Became the Congress President in 1938 almost unanimously 10. Defeated Gandhiji’s candidate in 1939 and was reelected as Congress president despite opposition from Gandhiji and the entire CWC including Kripalani, Rajagopalachary, Vallabhbhai Patel, and all other Gandhi loyalists 11. Resigned from Congress and immediately formed the party of Forward Bloc and got a large popular support 12. Thoughout 1940 led the battle to the British camp and was their marked enemy no. 1, was jailed again and released when his health broke down under a “fast unto death” resolve 13. Escaped from his home at midnight, right from then nose of the British police 14. Covered the treacherous terrains of Afghanistan by foot to reach Kabul from Peshawar 15. Had undergone tremendous hardship in in this great escape, and met with great danger to his life, but could contact the German and the Italian embassy to seek help 16. Undertook another perilous journey to reach Berlin via Moscow 17. Within a short time convinced German foreign office to set up an Indian office, a free India radio and established an Indian Legion from prisoners of war by personally going and convincing the soldiers 18. Undertook a dangerous submarine journey from Kiel to Madagascar and then to Sabang 19. Met and convinced Tojo of his plan to free India and got Japanese help unconditionally 20. Reorganized and formed the Azad Hind provisional Government by convincing Japan, treated Japan as an equal ally and partner and got many concessions, established the administration, bank and currency and had own territory, convinced Japan to give up the occupied territory of Andamans and include INA one division in their conquest of Imphal 21. Efficiently carried out Government work, the battle strategy formulation and protection of Indians from a foreign soil 22. Set up the first woman’s regiment in the world 23. Successfully captured a part of Indian territory which could not be held because of the lack of air power of Japan and complete breakdown of supply lines owing to monsoon 24. Earned the trust of millions of Indians who gave up everything in his call for Total Mobilization 25, Brought India its freedom as was promised by him

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