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The Barbarism and the Beastliness displayed by the British rule in India

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, West is trying to portray itself as the champion of humanitarian causes. Particularly America and Britain are emerging as the epitome of the greatness, saviour of mankind against an evil Emperor Putin and his country Russia. But does anybody know the extent of barbarism and beastliness of these so called Western powers - we all know about America, the less said about it the better. We know the atrocities in Vietnam, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, but do we know what British did with our country? In India, with our revolutionaries? With what dignity did they treat us? I'll just give two examples, two of them to know the extent of abomination that these Western countries are. And by the design of the providence, China and Russia have emerged as their destroyers. That West will be destroyed was prophesied by none other than Swami Vivekananda, and the process has just started. Even after second world war why did France continue with its colonies in Asia and why did Truman, the butcher of Hiroshima, support the colonialism? I am sure the freedom loving Americans will have no answer to that. First - the atrocities of British Government - One of the greatest revolutionaries of India, Masterda Surjya Sen, whose masterplan of waging war against British Empire by declaring independence from Chattogram took the empire by complete surprise, was ultimately caught because of the greed of a certain scum. He was planned to be executed after a farcical trial, as was the normal scenario. But British government had a score to settle with Masterda - how dare he waged a war? How dare he launched a mutiny as epic and as serious as that of the one in 1857? On the night before he was executed, Masterda and Tarakeshwar Dastidar, his associate, were dragged out and beaten till all their bones were pulverized. Not satisfied, the British lion pulled their nails out, gouged their eyes and broke all their teeth with a hammer. Not even satisfied with that, after they executed the dead bodies of the two great revolutionaries by hanging them, they packed them off in a ship, put them in two big iron boxes and dropped them in the sea. What a revenge! And they are, as they claim, the epitome of humanism! They make Putin and even Hitler look like angels.

Neelganj and Jheekhargacha - the two camps of INA soldiers, where around two thousand soldiers were interned as per a conservative estimate. That fateful night of 26 September 1945, British military took all the prisoners out and fired upon them for the whole night in the two camps. Bodies were put in a truck and dumped in the nearby river. The river water turned red as per the eye witnesses, who heard firing throughout the night and heaps of dead bodies in the morning. Such was the terror of the event that the locals refused to speak as they were forbidden. Nehru, who was made aware of the incident made a statement that only five were killed in a firing in a camp. Till date, there has been no enquiry, no international commission of justice, no war crime charges against the "Great" Britain. Jheekargacha and the memories of one of the most heinous mass murders, have been washed out of the memory of a Nation that anyway tends to forget all the atrocities ever committed against her. She needs a "file" movie to remind her of the genocides of her children by the "peace lovers and humanitarians of the world". But how many such "files" need to be made - countless - to eradicate the false history being fed to the Nation for the past 75 years of the Azadi ki Amrit Mahatsov. We forget the sacrifices, we forget the blood and embrace our murderers. One who forgets history tend to relive it. Better remember and demand justice from these perpetrators - atleast call them out for their hypocrisy and make these facts known to the world.

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