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Why "ashes" in the Renkoji temple do not matter any more

Certain section of Netaji devotees are raising an important issue. The "daughter and the family" have again demanded DNA testing of the Renkoji ashes. Some researchers claim that the "family" has "tampered with the evidence," ashes in Renkoji and therefore they have raised a fresh demand. They claim that the ashes and the remains are now that of another deseased Bose family member. Therefore any DNA test would match the family. That is the reason why the family has renewed the demand of testing. However if we think through logically and rationally, even if the ashes and the remnants are tampered with, there is no way they can be brought back to India or get tested. One thing that baffled me for long was that why the "family" did not test the remains in any foreign lab, independently, without depending on the Government? Even if they have tampered with the evidence (which I accept for the sake of argument, there is no evidence of their having done so), that has happened several years back. They got ample opportunities to get the ashes tested. Why are they trying to pressurize Indian Government? And the answer lies in the politics. India Government and Bengal Government will NEVER allow bringing the ashes back to India for testing from a Sarkari or a private lab. The repurcussions will be tremendous, that will be a political harakiri. Modi and Mamata are astute politicians. They know fully well that supporting the family's demand will give them no political mileage. It is, in the words of Moody's report in Aug 23 1945 to British cabinet,"best in the interest of everybody to keep Bose where he is" and not pursue any wild goose like Renkoji ashes. So the family's demand will never get fulfilled officially. The "family" knows it. The ashes could not be brought back during the Congress regime, during UPA regime when it was the most powerful, right after the Mukherjee Commission report was rejected. Even when UPA was reigning supreme it could not muster the courage of bringing back the ashes. So what to speak of BJP which has no stake in this issue! But then again, why does the family not test the ashes privately? The answer lies again with politics. Any attempt to do so will have severe political repurcussions and my gut feel is that the family has been restricted by both beleaguered West Bengal Government and the Indian Government against taking any such drastic step without explicit approval from the Government. Therefore the family is in a quandary, they can periodically raise the demand of bringing back the ashes but can do nothing. Government knows everything about the Netaji issue as I mentioned in my earlier post. They will only let it linger if its politically favourable for them. But they are in no mood to entertain the demands either way - of a fresh probe or of DNA tests. Therefore Netaji devotees can have peace of mind, the ashes are not going to the test lab. The only way the "family" can get an approval is to approach the court, but that will be a perilous move for them, as then the "truth" will tumble out. So I am 100% sure that they will not follow that route. The only thing that the family can do is to make those demands occasionally so that the demand appears legitimate. They still enjoy considerable clout and support among the intellectuals. The demands of testing of ashes give them a way to stay relevant.

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