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This is Subhas Chandra Bose, who is still alive, speaking to you over Azad Hind radio. British news agencies have spread all over the world the report that I died in an aeroplane crash on my way to Tokyo to attend an important conference there. Ever since I left India last year, British propaganda agencies have from time to time given contradictory reports of my whereabouts, while newspapers in England have not hesitated to use uncomplimentary language about me. The latest report about my death is perhaps an instance of wishful thinking. I can imagine that the British Government would, at this critical hour in India’s history, like to see me dead since they are now trying their level best to win India over to their side for the purpose of their imperialistic war.

  • I feel perfectly convinced that it is now quite clear that Sir Stafford has gone to India to try the age-long policy of British imperialism—‘divide and rule’.

  • Sir Stafford has told us that India is a sub-continent inhabited by many races and peoples. I would like to remind him that India was unified under the empire of Asoka the Great, several centuries before the Christian era—more than 1,000 years before England was unified

  • Britain has been utilizing in India her favourite tool of dividing the country on the basis of the religion and other imperial weapons like the Indian Princes, Depressed Classes, etc. Sir Stafford is in India to use the same instruments for imperialistic ends

  • Sir Stafford is applying the old imperialist policy of working for a compromise with one section of the people while simultaneously suppressing the other. Fearless and uncompromizing fighters for independence are safely lodged behind the prison bars

  • Real intention of the British Government is to split India into a number of States, just as Ireland was spilt up at the end of the last war

  • Sir Stafford reached the height of imperialist hypocrisy when, he remarked that Indians have not been able to produce an agreed constitution...Indian people know that only the British Government is responsible for the corruption and bribery in India

  • Indian cannot hope to win freedom by mere propaganda and passive resistance but now resort to other methods that are more effective and powerful. I had suggested in 1939 that a Provisional Government commanding the confidence of a majority of the people should be set up at once and the Provisional National Government could be made responsible to the elected members of the Indian Assembly

  • British Government is not ready to part with power at the present moment. By raising the issue of the minorities or of the Princes or of the so-called Depressed Classes, they can at any time find a plea that Indians are not united. Sir Stafford must be living in a fool’s paradise if he thinks that, by making such hopeless offers, he can satisfy India’s hunger for freedom

  • Since the beginning of this century, the British Government has been using another organization as a counterblast to the Congress in order to reject its demands. It has been using the Muslim League for this purpose, because that party is regarded as pro-British in its outlook. In fact, British propaganda has tried to create the impression that the Muslim League is almost as influential a body as the Congress, and that it represents the majority of India’s Muslims. This, however, is far from the truth. In reality there are several influential and important Muslim organizations which are thoroughly nationalist

  • As far as the defence of India is concerned, it is stated in the British proposals that, so long as the war lasts, the full military control of India will be directly in the hands of Britain, not even in the hands of the Viceroy or the Commander-in-Chief in India. By this policy, Britain wants to achieve a two-fold purpose. She desires, on the one hand, to utilize to the fullest extent India’s resources for the whole Empire, and, on the other, to force thereby (he enemies of Britain to attack Britain’s military base in India, so that the Indian people may be provoked into voluntarily entering the war as Britain’s ally

  • I would like further to warn my countrymen that Britain’s sole object now is to drag the Indian people into the war. It has been a successful game of the British people to get other nations involved in the war. Up to the present time they have been carrying out glorious retreats and successful evacuations. Recently they have adopted a novel policy of burning (and destroying everything before taking to their heels. If the British Government apply these scorched-earth tactics to their own country, that is no concern of ours. But I have every reason to believe that they have decided to apply these scorched-earth tactics in Ceylon and India, should the war come there. Therefore, participation in Britain’s war will not only hinder Britain’s defeat and overthrow, but will also delay the attainment of independence for Indians

India has one enemy- Broadcast from Berlin Azad Hind Radio, April 20, 1942 - Excerpts


  • In this wide world India has but one enemy, the enemy who has exploited her for over a hundred years, the enemy who sucks the life-blood of Mother India, British Imperialism. 

  • I am not an apologist of the Tripartite Powers ; that is not my job. My concern is with India. When British Imperialism is defeated India will get her freedom. If, on the other hand, British Imperialism should somehow win the war, then India’s slavery would be perpetuated for ever. India is, therefore, presented with the choice between freedom and slavery. She must make her choice

  • Britain’s paid propagandists have been calling me an enemy agent. I need no credentials when I speak to my own people. My whole life is one long, persistent, uncompromising struggle against British Imperialism, and is the best guarantee of my bona fides. All my life I have been the servant of India. Until the last hour of my life I shall remain one. My allegiance and loyalty have ever been and will ever be to India alone

  • If you make a dispassionate and objective study of the different theatres of war to-day, you will come to the same conclusion as myself—that nothing on earth can prevent the rapid collapse of the British Empire...

  • Azad Hind! Fight and win India’s liberty, and then build up India with full freedom to determine her own future—with no interference! Free India will have a social order based on the eternal principles of Justice, Equality and Fraternity

The Pledge of the INA - Broadcast to the Indian National Army in Europe, June 1942 - Excerpts


  • Friends, you have the honour to be the pioneer soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj. Your names will be written in golden letters in the history of Free India. Every soldier who is martyred in this holy war will have a monument in Free India. The coming generations will shower flowers on those monuments. You are very fortunate that you have got this valuable opportunity to serve your motherland

  • The drum of Indian Independence has been sounded. We have to prepare for the battle ahead. We should prepare ourselves as early as possible so that we can perform the duties we have shouldered

  • Today we are taking the vow of independence under the National Flag. A time will come when you will salute this flag in the Red Fort. But remember that you will have to pay the price of freedom. Freedom can never be had by begging. It has to be got by force. Its price is blood

  • I assure you that I shall lead the army when we march to India together

  • The news of the ceremony that we are performing here has reached India. It will encourage the patriots at home, who are fighting empty-handed against the British. Throughout my life it was my ambition to equip an army that will capture freedom from the enemy

Address to the Indian Independence League Conference on 4th of July in Singapore


  • Friends, the time to start an armed struggle for freedom has come. Military service and loyalty to the mother country are the most essential things necessary to achieve our goal of freedom during the war

  • For the first time in the history of India, Indians abroad are unanimous and united in their only goal—that of freedom

  • It is evident that Britain is determined to exploit India to the maximum both during the war and after it. The British Government has nominated Wavell as Viceroy with the aim of achieving this end

  • Our countrymen should revive the struggle which began with the arrival of Cripps in India during April 1942. No doubt the British Premier will endeavour to maintain British Imperialism

  • Any compromise with the British will be sheer loss for us, and will prove detrimental to our interests. We must be ready for sacrifice and action. I know that there will be insignificant setbacks in this long war, and hardships will have to be endured to defeat the Anglo-Americans

  • World history bears evidence that no war of independence has been successful without outside help. The Axis Powers, who are at war with our enemies, are our friends and helpers

  • Japan is the first Asiatic nation to stand up successfully to the Western Powers. She earnestly desires to see the Asiatic nations free. We have now a good opportunity to free ourselves and lay the foundations of a new world order based on truth, justice and freedom

  • I will never deceive my motherland. I will live and die for India. In my speech over the Tokyo Radio the other day, I told you that the British Government could not bring me to submission by inflicting hardships on me. British statesmen could neither induce me nor deceive me. There is no one who can divert me from the right path

  • We can win our freedom if we are ready to fight and are prepared to make sacrifices

  • The time has come when the Indians at home and those abroad should gather together with arms under one leader and await the orders for the destruction of the British imperialists

  • I have decided to form a Free India Government in order to bring the different elements together and to collect our strength. The aim of this Provisional Government of India will be to make the Indian revolution a success. It will be the duty of this Government to arm the Indians at home and abroad and to realize our aspirations of freedom with the aid of arms

  • We shall pay the price of our freedom with our blood, but by so doing we shall lay the foundation-stone of national unity. We shall be able to maintain our freedom if we attain it through our own sacrifices and blood

  • Though I am confident of our final success, I must warn you and ask you not to underestimate the strength of the enemy. We must face the obstructions in our way with boldness and courage

  • We shall have to face hard and severe fighting. You will have to endure troubles and unforeseen dangers, but you will be free if you withstand the trials. I am confident that you will reach your goal and lead our poor and down-trodden country to freedom and prosperity. Up, up with the Revolution! Long live Free India

Azad Hind proclamation

TO DELHI, TO DELHI (CHALO DILLI) - A speech delivered to Indian National Army on July 5, 1943 - Excerpts


  • Today it has pleased Providence to give me the unique privilege and honour of announcing to the whole world that India’s Army of Liberation has come into being. This army has now been drawn up in military formation on the battlefield of Singapore—which was once the bulwark of the British Empire. This is not only the Army that will emancipate India from the British yoke, it is also the Army that will hereafter create the future national army of Free India. Every Indian must feel proud that this Army—his own Army—has been organized entirely under Indian leadership and that when the historic moment arrives, under Indian leadership it will go to battle

  • When France declared war on Germany in 1939 and the campaign began, there was but one cry which rose from the lips of German soldiers—“To Paris, To Paris!” When the brave soldiers of Nippon set out on their march in December 1941 there was but one cry which rose from their lips—“To Singapore, to Singapore!” Comrades! Soldiers! Let your battle-cry be—“To Delhi, To Delhi!” How many of us will individually survive this war of freedom, I do not know. But I do know this, that we shall ultimately win and our task will not end until our surviving heroes hold the victory parade on another graveyard of the British empire—the Lai Kila or Red Fortress of ancient Delhi

  • Let me remind you that you have a two-fold task to perform. With the force of arms and at the cost of your blood you will have to win liberty. Then, when India is free, you will have to organize the permanent army of Free India, whose task it will be to preserve our liberty for all time. We must build up our national defence on such an unshakable foundation that never again in our history shall we lose our freedom

  • As soldiers, you will always have to cherish and live up to the three ideals of faithfulness, duty and sacrifice. Soldiers who always remain faithful to their nation, who are always prepared to sacrifice their lives, are invincible. If you, too, want to be invincible, engrave these three ideals in the innermost core of your hearts

  • A true soldier needs both military and spiritual training. You must, all of you, so train yourselves and your comrades that every soldier will have unbounded confidence in himself, will be conscious of being immensely superior to the enemy, will be fearless of death, and will have sufficient initiative to act on his own in any critical situation should the need arise

  • Comrades ! You have voluntarily accepted a mission that is the noblest that the human mind can conceive of. For the fulfilment of such a mission no sacrifice is too great, not even the sacrifice of one’s life. You are today the custodians of India’s national honour and the embodiment of India’s hopes and aspirations. So conduct yourself that your countrymen may bless you and posterity may be proud of you

  • I assure you that I shall be with you in darkness and in sunshine, in sorrow and in joy, in suffering and in victory. For the present, I can offer you nothing except hunger, thirst, privation, forced marches and death. But if you follow me in life and in death, as I am confident you will, I shall lead you to victory and freedom. It does not matter who among us will live to see India free. It is enough that India shall be free and that we shall give our all to make her free. May God now bless our Army and grant us victory in the coming fight! Inquilab Zindabad ! Azad Hind Zindabad 1

Give Me Blood, I Promise You Freedom - A speech delivered to the Indians in Burma, July 4, 1944 - Excerpts


  • The British are engaged in a worldwide struggle and in the course of this struggle they have suffered defeat after defeat on so many fronts. The enemy having been thus considerably weakened, our fight for liberty has become very much easier than it was five years ago. Such a rare and God-given opportunity comes once in a century. That is why we have sworn to fully utilise this opportunity for liberating our motherland from the British yoke. There is a gigantic movement going on inside India and millions of our countrymen are prepared for maximum suffering and sacrifice in order to achieve liberty 

  • Unfortunately, ever since the great fight of 1857, our countrymen are disarmed whereas the enemy is armed to the teeth. Without arms and without a modern army it is impossible for a disarmed people to win freedom in this modern age. Through the grace of Providence and through the help of generous Nippon, it has become possible for Indians in East Asia to get arms to build up a modern army. Moreover, Indians in East Asia are united to a man in the endeavour to win freedom and all the religious and other differences that the British tried to engineer inside India, simply do not exist in East Asia. Consequently, we have now an ideal combination of circumstances favouring the success of our struggle and all that is wanted is that Indians should themselves come forward to pay the price of liberty. According to the programme of 'Total Mobilisation', I demanded of you men, money and materials. Regarding men, I am glad to tell you that I have obtained sufficient recruits already. Recruits have come to us from every corner of east Asia --- from China, Japan, Indo-China, Philippines, Java, Borneo, Celebes, Sumatra, Malaya, Thailand and Burma. We require more men and women of all categories for administration and reconstruction in liberated areas. We must be prepared for a situation in which the enemy will ruthlessly apply the 'Scorched Earth Policy' before withdrawing from a particular area and will also force the civilian population to evacuate, as was attempted in Burma

  • Friends, one year ago, when I made certain demands of you, I told you that if you gave me 'Total Mobilisation', I would give you a 'Second Front'. I have redeemed that pledge. The first phase of our campaign is over. Our victorious troops, fighting side by side with Nipponese troops, have pushed back the enemy and are now fighting bravely on the sacred soil of our dear motherland. Gird up your loins for the task that now lies ahead. I had asked you for men, money and materials. I have got them in generous measure. Now I demand more of you. Men, money and materials cannot by themselves bring victory or freedom. We must have the motive-power that will inspire us to brave deeds and heroic exploits

  • It will be a fatal mistake for you to wish to live and see India free simply because victory is now within reach. No one here should have the desire to live to enjoy freedom. A long fight is still in front of us. We should have but one desire today, the desire to die so that India may live, the desire to face a martyr's death so that the path to freedom may be paved with the martyr's blood. Friends! My comrades in the War of Liberation! Today I demand of you one thing above all. I demand of you blood. It is blood alone that can avenge the blood that the enemy has spilt. It is blood alone that can pay the price of freedom. Give me blood and I promise you freedom

The speech of the Supreme Commander of the Indian National Army on 25th August, 1943

Subhash Chandra Bose, Supreme Commander Azad Hind Fauj.
(Indian National Army).

In the interests of the Indian Independence Movement and of the Azad Hind Fauj, I have taken over the direct Command of our Army from this day. This is for me a matter of joy and pride because for an Indian, there can be no greater honour than to the Commander of India’s Army of Liberation. But I am conscious of the magnitude of the task that I have under- taken and I feel weighed down with a sense of responsibility. I pray that God may give me the necessary strength to fulfill my duty to Indians, under all circum- stances, however, difficult or trying they may be. I regard myself as the servant of 38 crores of my country men, who profess different religious faiths. I am determined to discharge my duties in such a manner that the interests of these 38 crores may be safe in my hands and every single Indian will-have reason to put complete trust in me. It is only on the basis of undiluted nation- alism and of perfect justice and impartiality that India’s Army of Liberation can be built up. In the coming struggle for the emancipation of our motherland, for the establishment of a Government of free India, based on the good will of 38 crores of Indians and for creation of a permanent army which will guarantee Indian Independence for all times, the Azad Hind Fauj has a vital role to play. To fulfil this role, we must weld ourselves into an army that will have only one goal, namely the freedom of Indians and only one will namely to do or die in the cause of India’s freedom. When we stand, the Azad Hind Fauj has to be like a wall of granite ; when we march the Azad Hind Fauj has to be like a steam-roller. Our task is not an easy one ; the war will be long and hard, but I have complete faith in the justice and in the invincibility of our cause. 38 crores of human beings who form about one-fifth of the human race, have a right to be free and they are now perpared to pay the price of freedom.

There is consequently no power on earth that can deprive us of our birth right of liberty any longer.
Comrades 'officers and men’ ! With your unstinted support and unflinching loyalty Azad Hind Fauj will be- come the instrument of India's Liberation. Ultimate Victory will certainly be ours, I assure you. Our work has already begun. With the slogan, 'Onward to Delhi’ on our lips, let us continue to labour and to fight till our National Flag flies over the Viceroy's House in New Delhi, and the Azad Hind Fauj holds its Victory parade inside the ancient red fortress of the Indian Metropolis.
(Sd.) Subhas Chandra Bose, General H. Q. Supreme Commander.
Indian National Army. (Sipah Salar).

Who dies if Bengal lives? Who lives if Bengal Dies

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