The chief Architect of Non Violent Movement was Mohandas Gandhi, or Mahatma Gandhi. According to Dr. R.C Majumdar, "Gandhi's magic personality and saintly character, which has always a great appeal to the Indian masses, transformed the latent energy of the people into strenuous political activity in an astonishingly short period of time. The two weapons with which Gandhi decided to fight were Non Violent Non Cooperation and Civil Disobedience - the two outward manifestations of the great principle that Gandhi described as Satyagraha." According to Dr. R.C Majumdar in History of Freedom Movement of India Vol 3, "none but a saintly person could really observe it (Satyagraha) in actual life....This was the reason why, as Gandhi himself admitted, even 14 years of trial have failed to yield the anticipated result." Dr. Majumdar continues his blistering attacks, "There is a popular notion, sustained by catching slogans, that Gandhi achieved India's freedom by the method of Satyagraha, and thus laid down for the subject peoples all over the world a unique method for gaining independence without bloodshed." "He (Gandhi) placed the cult of non violence above everything else - even above independence of India." Says Dr. Majumdar, "Gandhi was a dictator who could not tolerate opposition. In 1930 he deliberately excluded from the Working Committee of Congress those who differed from his views." Dr. Majumdar concludes that, "that Gandhi  played a very great role in rousing the political consciousness of the masses nobody can possibly deny. But it would be a travesty of truth to give him sole credit for the freedom of India, and sheer nonsense to look upon Satyagraha as the unique weapon by which it was achieved." 

Dr. Majumdar emphatically says, "The two great ends of Gandhi’s life, to which even the freedom of India was a subordinate one, were to inculcate in the masses the spirit of non-violence and to bring about  unity between the Hindus and Muslims by a change of heart. He failed miserably in both and realized it only too well at the fag end of his life. The cult of non-violence never took root in the hearts of the people." But, Dr. Majumdar also gives due credit, "He (Gandhi) should not be judged merely by the result of his actions, but the high motive that inspired him should also be taken into account." 

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