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A perilous journey - Subhas's great escape from Calcutta to Kabul

Subhas Bose was last seen in his house on 16 January 1941. It is now said that in the dead of the night, he dressed up as a one Md. Zia-ud-din, an insurance agent, left his Elgin road house in a car with the help of his nephews, in particular Dr. Sisir Bose who had driven the car and traveled to Bararee in Bihar where he was rested in another of his nephew, Dr. Asoke Nath Bose's house. From the memoirs of Dr. Asoke Nath Bose, it appears that Subhas chose Sisir for driving him as he was not involved in any prior political activities and was an efficient driver. Sisir had already made a sortie to know the routes. Sarat Bose was completely aware of the plan and two other nephews Dwijendra and Aurobindo and niece Ila who had earlier nursed him, were also engaged in helping in executing the plan. In all his correspondences he had mentioned that he would be put in jail by the police. He also had to deceive his family members since his houses in Elgin Road and Woodburn Park were surrounded by police and spies. On 17 January, 1941, at around 1.30 AM, Bose bade his final good bye and proceeded by car to Gomoh.

From Gomoh station Zia-ud-Din boarded the Delhi Kalka Mail. The train reached Peshawar cantonment on 19th January. Mian Akbar Shah led the Muslim Insurance agent to a Tonga which took him to the Taj Mahal Hotel. He stayed for sometime in the house of Abad Khan and then transformed himself to a deaf mute Pathan (since he didn't speak Pushtu, the local dialect). Mian Akbar had chosen Bhagat Ram Talwar as the escort to Kabul. Bhagat Ram would be taking his elder relative Zia-ud-Din to Adda Sharif for a possible miracle to cure him. 

Bhagatram Talwar aka Rahmat Khan and his uncle Zia-ud-Din aka Subhas Bose had traveled to Kabul. This journey of 200 miles was extremely ardous and often made on foot, often devoid of any proper food and rest. In Kabul he had to wait for an indefinite period. They had at first taken up accommodation in a dingy sarai near the Lahori Gate upon reaching Kabul on 31st January.

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