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Basanti Devi - Mother of Subhas

Subhas's other mother was Chittaranjan's wife, Basanti Devi, with whom he had no inhibition. one person Subhas was extremely intimate with was Deshbandhu's wife, Basanti Devi. Prabhavati Devi had said to Basanti, "I gave birth to Subhas, but you are his real mother." As per the reminiscences of Basanti Devi, Subhas would often come to the Das household late at night and his demand to his beloved mother (Basanti Devi) was to cook for him something. Even though Basanti Devi would explain that the kitchen was closed, she ultimately had to go and cook a simple "bhate bhat" (a Bengali delicacy of boiled rice and vegetables served with clarified butter or ghee) and Subhas used to take that with heavenly pleasure. Basanti Devi remembered the night when she was arrested by the police for picketing and had returned home late at night when she was released, Subhas cried his heart out for her. Basanti Devi, it seems also had tried very hard for Subhas's marriage. After Deshbandhu's death Subhas wanted Basanti Devi to come to the forefront and become the leader and the guru. But Basanti Devi stayed away from politics, perhaps wisely.

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