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British police badly beats Subhas Chandra Bose, the Calcutta Corporation Mayor

The British Government took notice of the growing unrest and impatience in all the provinces and decided to release Gandhi and other leaders of the Congress on 25 January 1931. But Subhas was rearrested on 26 January 1931, after being seriously injured owing to a lathi charge while leading a procession as the Mayor of Calcutta, defying a ban. The British mounted police lathi charged a peaceful procession led by him, the Mayor. Subhas, Mr. Chattopadhyay, the education officer and Mr. Ghoshal, the Dy. License officer of Calcutta Municipal Corporation were all seriously injured. Let us recount in his own language what happened on that day - "On this occasion the writer had to spend 24 hours in the Lalbazar Central Police Station without food and drink and without change. There was only a small quantity of Tincture of Iodine available at the station for application to his injuries. This was soon exhausted and when he asked for more, he did not get any. The next day he had to appear in Court with his clothes covered with blood and his arm in a sling. He made a statement before the Magistrate regarding his treatment in the Police Station which was duly recorded. After his removal to prison he was X-rayed and it was then found that two of the fingers in his right hand had been fractured."

He was again sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment by the Chief Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta.

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