Chattogram Armoury Raid - Master da Surjyo sen and his daring assault on the Raj

In April Masterda and his associates, Ganesh Ghosh, Ananta Singh, Loknath Bol, Preetilata, among others conducted a daring raid on the armoury in Chattagram, shot dead the guards on duty and took possessions of the premises, removed all the weapons that they could and declared independence. For three days Chattagram was blocked and all British men fled. When a large contingent of troops were sent for apprehending the revolutionaries, they had to escape to the hills and from there carried out an intense gun battle. Ultimately they were overpowered but not before fighting unto death. The revolutionaries, mostly young students of Masterda, were killed in the battle and Suryo Sen, though he temporarily escaped, was ultimately captured and put to death along with Tarakeshwar Dastidar. Ramkrishna Biswas, one of the masterminds of the planning of the armoury attack, took upon himself the responsibility of killing Craig, the I.G of Police but by mistake killed another police officer Tarini Mukherjee. Ramakrishna was hanged in August 1931.  Chattagram armoury raid and the consequent battle had left a far reaching influence on the revolutionary movement in Bengal which had reached its zenith.

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