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Chief Executive Officer of Calcutta Corpororation

In 1924 Swarajists scored a massive victory in the Calcutta Corporation election and came into control of the Corporation. several Muslims won on Swarajist ticket even though elections were held on the basis of a separate electorate. Chittaranjan Das became the mayor of Calcutta and Saheed Suhrawardi the deputy Mayor. Subhas was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer. Under the new administration several new initiatives were taken like giving milk to the poorest, setting up education facilities, esp. primary schools, setting up dispensaries, maintaining civic facilities, ensuring cleanliness of streets etc. Subhas himself took the lead and soon earned reputation as an able administrator. He reduced his salary from Rs 3000 to Rs 1500 saying that he did not need more than that. He used to sponsor the education of needy students with the remaining amount. All the parks and streets were named after national leaders. No respect was to be paid to the British officials but only to the Nationalist leaders. All the employees were supposed to wear Khadi garments (Khaddar). All these activities were not to the liking of the Government who was least bothered about people's welfare.

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