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Deshbandhu and Subhas

Subhas got the last letter of Deshbandhu in Mandalay, which he had written from Patna. In 1921 and 1922 he had spent 8 months with Deshbandhu in the Alipore jail and had served him devotedly. He used to cook for him. He remembered that Deshbandhu had a natural sense of humour. He could understand the young men of his time better than most other leaders. He used to help even his arch enemies and never stooped low. He did not believe in Marxist or any other foreign doctrine and believed that India's political and social advancement should stem from Indian National and cultural heritage. He believed that all differences among Indians based on religion and caste could be met through internal dialogues and mutual understanding. He had love for everybody, including a thief named Mathur whom he had given shelter and had almost reformed.

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