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Did Motilal Nehru favour Jawaharlal over Subhas

In Calcutta Congress, Swarajist Motilal Nehru had stood side by side with No changer Gandhi to fight the common danger, of the left wing under Subhas. It is alleged by Vishwas Patil in his Marathi book Mahanayak that Motilal had requested Gandhiji to give presidentship of Congress to his son Jawaharlal as he feared that Subhas would eclipse Jawaharlal in terms of popularity. This was also an opportunity for Mahatma to create a distance between Jawaharlal and Subhas, both of whom were left leaning and were coming together. Jawaharlal could easily come under Mahatma's influence and hypnotic spell, but not Subhas. By his clandestine advocacy of the candidature of Jawaharlal, Motilal Nehru had set the direction for the future dynastic and non democratic Congress party, one that suited even Mahatma Gandhi as he sought to put it under tighter control by the imposition of his ideology and by cleansing it of all who were ideologically opposed to him and by empowering his sycophants to run the show.

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