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Did Subhas Chandra Bose get in touch with RSS post his "death"

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A letter from Guruji M S Golwalkar was retreived from Bhagawanji's house in Ram Bhavan in Faizabad. Since there is a high probability that Bhagwanji or Mahakal, was none other than Subhas Chandra Bose, based on handwriting match and also evidence from the ex revolutionaries who were close to Subhas, including few key INA men, this letter is significant. In this letter M.S Golwalkar addresses Bhagwanji as "Swami Vijayananda and offers his respectful pranaam. Subhas Chandra Bose met Dr. Hedgewar, president and founder of RSS, in 1940 but could not speak as the latter was ill. He met with V.D Savarakar of Hindu Mahasabha in the same year and apparently got the concurrence of fighting from outside India. Rashbehari Bose, veteran revolutionary and hero of 1914 uprising, who formulated the masterplan of a revolt in British Indian Army, and was exiled to Japan, formed the Hindu Mahasabha in Japan. He was possibly in touch with Savarakar, his ex revolutionary colleague. Post independence, Bose, who had no organized political base, and did not have a good relationship with the Congress leadership, needed an ally. We can only conjecture at this stage that Bose wanted to return to India but was prevented from doing so by Anglo American bosses and their Indian slaves. Communists were no better, although they now claim Bose, who according to their estimation was "Quisling of India" and "Tojo's lapdog", as their very own - as one ultra leftist newspaper protrayed Bose as a self proclaimed leftist. Bose's political view has been discussed in a separate blog. Extreme rights and extreme lefts both hold Bose and his legacy with contempt for opposing reasons - Extreme left and anti Nationals, who are opposed to the very concept of India, and are new avatars of the British collaborators of the past, see Bose as Nazi collaborator, inline with their colonial masters and Western Academics. Extreme rights hold Bose as too leftist, anti Savarkar, anti Hindu and Muslim appeaser. Needless to say, all these are absolutely incorrect as we have proved by citing the facts in the right places. Most of these "extremists" have just "picked and chosen" their view of Subhas Bose according to their parochial ideology. These are biased and far from truth and hence can be ignored. Bose was neither leftist, nor rightist, he was just "upright", far above in stature and beyond any narrow political boundary. He believed in fundamental unity and justice on a common basis, by not alienating any group but by being inclusive as he believed in a strong united India based on a common view, Nationalism. His inclusivity was not synonymous with the current theme of secularism but was inline with Swami Vivekananda's ideals an India embracing modernity while not forgetting her ideals, her roots. her long civilization - the same Vivekananda whom these same extremists deride in the same vein.

So why would Bose, or his ghost, the Mahakal, would get in touch with Golwalkar and RSS. One reason that appears in the book Conundrum, by Chandrachud Ghosh and Anuj Dhar, on the basis of Bhagwanji's letters, is that Golwalkar and Bhagwanji worked on a common mission. What was that mission is not immediately known, but possibly it was linked to the long term destiny of India. Bhagwanji spoke several times of reunification of India as his core purpose, mission and Mother Durga Kali's work. He said that the world order was evolving towards satisfaction of that purpose and possibly there will be a decisive war in future that will determine the future of the world order. Many people in key posts across all Nations, subscribed to that faith and belief, were working towards it. He also claimed that he had a "horizon", that was working for fulfilling the purpose of Ma Durga Kali. To him, Kali the mother was synonymous with Mother Bengal and Mother India, which somewhat resonates with RSS's imagery of Bharat Mata. It is to be noted here that Subhas Chandra Bose, claimed as "leftist" by the leftist politicians and historians and the Western academia, was in practice an ardent devotee of Mother Durga and Kali. He fought for his right of Durga worship in Mandalay jail, was a devotee of Ramakrishna Parmahamsa, got initiated in Tantrika workship and also in Kriya yoga from Barada Charan Majumdar of Yogiraj Shyamacharana Lahiri's lineage to which internationally acclaimed Yogi Paramahamsa Yogananda also belonged. He fought for the right of the students to worship godess Saraswati in Citi College and earned the displeasure of the staunch Brahmos, including Rabindranath Tagore, who despised image worship. Subhas sent his niece Ila to get the flower from Dakshineswar Kali temple, before his great escape. He also sent her to Kali temple in Kalighat for praying for the success of his mission. He started his iconic fast unto death for his unconditional freedom on a Kalipuja day and mentioned so in his testament. He also clearly stated that to him Durga and Kali were the same, the Universal Mother in two different forms, protecting the devotees as sons and destructing the evil, the ignorance that leads human beings to torture, subdue and take away the freedom of fellow human beings. He believed in the worship of Shakti and always kept a copy of a Gita and a Chandi or mini Bengali version of Durga Shaptashati. He could recite both from his memories. Therefore it is no wonder that an unknown Sadhu, in his new avatar, would speak of mother Kali's work as his mission. Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy, one of the secret service officers of INA and very close to Netaji, wrote the book Netaji's Secret Service, in which he writes about his personal experience with Netaji. On 2nd September 1943, Dr. Roy first met Netaji along with his colleagues. Netaji held discussions with each of them separately. All the details regarding this group was with Netaji only and all the plans regarding the operations of this group was formulated by Netaji. Major Swami was the in charge of the training camps. Netaji’s parting message to the secret operations group was as follows – 'You, now have guaranteed complete proof of fact how dangerously complete faith and trust I have placed in you. Henceforth your motto shall be do or die. Again in the name of Jagadamba Durga and by her grace, I avowedly assure you – Victory shall be ours, Yours. May my mother Durga bless you.

Therefore Netaji, as is also evident from the book Indian Pilgrim, which is his unfinished autobiography, was first and foremost a devotee, who derived his strength from the Universal Mother, the Shakti. That he would regard M.S Golwalkar as his fellow worker in the mission of fulfillment of Mother Kali's work is therefore no surprise. His RSS link is still unclear but as per the book on his "afterlife," there are certain unconfirmed reports and letters from Bhagwanji that indicate that he took an interest in the organization's work - esp. in the aftermath of refugee rehabilitation from East Pakistan. We hope that more details will be revealed in future as to the nature of the common mission, Mother Kali's work and Bose's horizon.

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