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DNA report of Bhagwanji's tooth will cause major disruptions in India, jeopardize foreign relations

This is truly sensational and big indirect admission of the Government of India on the real identity of Bhagwanji. In response to the RTI filed by Sayak Sen the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that the electropherogram report of the DNA test of Bhagwanji's tooth cannot be made public as that will cause security issues within the country and will jeopardize relations with the friendly countries. Can you guess who this unknown monk could be, whose DNA report if published will cause so much furor!

No, we don't need an IQ over 150 to understand who the Government is implying that unknown Sadhu is. It's no longer 99%; from now on its 100% proven that the monk of Basti and Ayodhya was none other than our beloved Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, working from behind the veil to protect the Mother to whom he had sacrificed his everything.

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