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Dr. R.C Majumdar's last meeting with Subhas

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, who as a professor of Dhaka University have met Subhas many times and even arranged for funds for his activities, was also his senior in Ravenshaw School of Cuttack. Subhas used call him "uncle". When Dr. Majumdar went to meet Subhas in December 1940, a few weeks before his escape, he saw that Subhas had grown a beard. Subhas asked for some money. Dr. Majumdar asked him why he needed the money. Subhas smiled and said that Dr. Majumdar had never asked this question before while giving money. Dr. Majumdar told him that whenever he needed money it meant that he was in a mission. Now that he was ill and bed ridden, what mission could he have to ask for money. Subhas said that he was not so ill. Then it was decided how the money should be given. Later when he heard the news of Subhas's great escape, Dr. Majumdar realized the reason behind the beard and the ask for money.

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