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Gandhiji inspired by Subhas's radio broadcasts in 1942 called for Quit India Movement

"Dead Man took nothing from you, he gave and left his everything and worldly wealth and matter to you, he took away nothing, he kept nothing for himself, he did nothing for himself, he wanted nothing for himself or his personal aggrandizement and for power. He gave himself to India. He gave something to India and he effaced himself away. He has no rancour for Bapu (because Bapu got twice defeated) in his fight against him and was so rattled that he gave up his Congress membership and also started a whispering campaign (against your Dead Man). Your Dead Man has no rancour because Bapu at last turned a volte face and preached fighting for freedom and honour; and because hearing and becoming stimulated and emboldened by the radio exhortations of your dead man, he stoutly opposed partition and during the last fateful meeting he wept like a child before them and sobbed out praying against partition but he was overridden roughshod. Also, it has been kept a secret that your Dead Man went with Bapu's full blessings and concurrence of the inner committee." - From Oi Mahamanab Ase

Writes Moulana Abul Kalam Azad in India Wins Freedom - "I saw that Subhas Chandra's escape to Germany had made a great impression on Gandhiji. He had not formerly approved of many of Bose's activities. But now I find a change in his outlook. Many of his remarks convinced me that he admired the courage and resourcefulness Subhas Bose had displayed in making his escape from India. His admiration about Subhas Bose had coloured his view about the whole war situation."

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