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How Subhas tamed a British Officer in Calcutta Corporation Mr. Coats

courtesy - Banhiman Netaji Subhas

"One of the most difficult officers to deal with was Mr. J.R Coats, the Chief Engineer. It was Mr. Coats' habit to as much of negligence to the elected representatives of the people as possible. He wanted to annoy them as if to create a scene. One day Subhas got the chance to pull him right. Mr. Coats entered in a casual and jaunting manner into the Chief Executive's cabin. He started talking with a cigarette in his mouth, with an unruffled face, but in tone of biting but sweet irony. Subhas asked, "Is it proper Mr. Coats, to smoke before a superior officer?" Mr. Coats had many juniors to deal with and he knew immediately the consequences if he failed to take the hint. He said, "Sorry", and threw away the cigarette. After that no one had any reason to complain about Mr. Coat's misconduct. - N.G Ganpuley: Netaji in Germany

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