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How Subhas was denied a fair opportunity of meeting his aged father and mother by the British

British Government had been waiting for an opportunity to send Subhas to jail. They had their moles in CWC. Somebody called "SS" in CWC had planted a story that Bose spoke in favour of the revolutionaries in a CWC meeting. However Bengal Government was fearful of the consequences of arresting Bose from within Bengal and therefore the Government waited for an opportunity. In December 1931 Bose traveled to Bombay for a session of the Working Committee where he met Gandhiji. Bose was arrested from Kalyan station and taken to Seoni sub prison where he was put up under unbearable condition. His mejda Sarat Bose too was arrested. Subhas became very ill and weak and was transferred to Jabalpur military hospital. However Bengal Government did not allow Bose to enter within its limits and no other provinces were willing to take Bose as prisoner as they thought that the very presence of Bose would be enough to instigate a revolt, esp. among the students. In the end Madras presidency was forced to accept Bose as a prisoner. Medical examination showed that he was suffering from Tuberculosis and had to be given a treatment in a healthy place. It was finally decided to allow Subhas to travel to Switzerland if he would bear his own expenses. This was a difficult proposition since the main bread earner of the Bose family, Sarat Bose, was in jail and Bibhavati Devi, his wife, was struggling to make both ends meet. His father and mother were aged and sick and would not be able to travel to meet him. But Bengal Government did not allow him to meet them. Bengal Government also set a limit to his meeting people for raising funds for the expenses of traveling and medical treatment. Just before he left for Europe he was allowed to see Sarat in Jabbalpur jail, but was still not allowed to meet his parents. On 23rd February 1933 the Bombay police escorted him to the ship, the Gange. Bose was escorted onboard on a stretcher (taken from Raj, Secrets and Revolution: A Life of Subhas Chandra Bose by Mihir Bose)

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