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Humiliation of Subhas in Tripuri Congress

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In February 1939, when Subhas was bed ridden with illness that had been severe, thirteen of the CWC members, including Jawaharlal Nehru tendered their resignation. Nehru issued a statement expressing his inability to work with Subhas even in his private capacity. The postponement request that Subhas had sent had not been complied with. Therefore he had to participate in Tripuri session when he was unable to move from his bed. He was accompanied by Dr. Sunil Bose (his brother), Prabhabati Devi and his niece cum nurse Ila. Congress Working Committee did not believe that Subhas Bose was ill and they thought he feigned illness. They distrusted even the doctors. Such was their hatred for Subhas that they did not relent when a bed ridden Subhas could not even read aloud his address. Sarat Bose read aloud the address on his behalf. The CWC went to the extent of ignoring all possible needs of the President. Food served to him was so atrocious that family members had to prepare their food. They opposed the declaration of President that an ultimatum should be issued to the British Government. Instead they passed the Panth resolution which proposed that the president would have to nominate the working committee members according to the wish of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi wing was ready to tolerate only a puppet president, subservient to the wishes of the Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was conspicuous by his absence in Tripuri. He had gone to Rajkot to resolve a petty issue and had been installed there since. He knew beforehand what was going to happen and clearly avoided confrontation. He however did nothing to prevent his loyalists from humiliating Subhas.

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