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Indian Struggle - An appreciation by an English Periodical

Indian Struggle was banned in England and India. Minister Samuel Hore claimed that The Indian Struggle had sympathy for revolutionary movement and active resistance. Therefore it was banned. Manchester Guardian however created a positive review of the book. Adopted from the book Banhiman Netaji. The book was so interesting to Romain Rolland that he ordered two more copies for his sister and wife.

Manchester Guardian continues - "no other Indian writer could write such a brilliant book on Indian politics."

Wrote Daily Herald - "the book is calm, sane, dispassionate. I think it is the ablest work I have read on current Indian politics. He has his own opinions, vigorously held but never unfairly expressed. This is the book of no fanatic, but of singularly able mind, the book of an acute, thoughtful, constructive mind, of an man who still under forty, would be an asset and an ornament to the political life of any country.

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