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Khudiram Bose Death Anniversary - 11th August

One boy in his teens had crumbled the myth that the British were invincible. One boy hurled a bomb that unfortunately killed two European ladies but was intended for a notorious British magistrate who escaped death. The boy smilingly accepted the verdict of the presiding judge - death by hanging. His last wish was to teach every Indian the art of making bombs so that they could free India from tyrannical foreign rule. A young Subhash Chandra Bose, along with his batchmates, went for a complete fast on the day of Khudiram's death as a mark of respect. A terrible price was paid by his ardent Nationalist headmaster Benimadhab Das for this. The authorities dismissed him from the service at Ravenshaw School. Khudiram, the fearless boy, had only one goal, to drive away the British. His comrade Prafulla Chaki committed suicide when he was caught by the treacherous police inspector Nandalal Bannerjee. But Nandalal paid the price with his life. Serpentine Lane of Calcutta made history when in this lane, Shrish Pal shot dead Nandalal, thus getting rid of a collaborator. Several other collaborators followed suit - Shamsul Alam of the Detective Department was shot dead by Biren Dutta Gupta, another young boy. Ashutosh Biswas, the Government pleader, was killed by Charu Chandra Bose, who rose above his handicapped condition to shoot at Biswas. Naren Gosai was shot by Kanailal Dutta and Satyen Bose. Thus Khudiram started the great Yagna in Bengal in which many young revolutionaries provided ablutions.

And we have today corrupt politicians as our leaders, and Bollywood provides us with heroes!!!

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Aarshamithra G Devi
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