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M.N Roy aka Narendranath Bhattacharya - Communist leader and traitor to the cause of Bagha Jatin

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Bagha Jatin's trusted lieutenant was Narendranath Bhattacharya, who he sent to Batavia for negotiations. Bagha Jatin's trust of Narendranath Bhattacharya was not liked by some of the revolutionaries of his group. But Jatin saw the fire in him and entrusted him with a huge responsibility, that of negotiating the supply of weapons for the planned revolution in Bengal in 1914. The shipment never came and Bagha Jatin, together with Chittapriya, died a hero's death fighting against a mighty army and police force with a help of few Mauser pistols - pistols that were picked up during the Rodda Arms Heist. It is to be noted that when the Rodda Arms Heist plan was proposed in a meeting of the revolutionaries, Naren Bhattacharya mocked the plan and dubbed it as impossible. The impossible was made possible by the determination of Haridas Datta, Shrish Pal, Shrish Mitra and others. The great Narendranath Bhattacharya escaped to Russia, became a Communist leader and when he came back to India he was a changed man. Initially the Communists wanted to have a foothold in Indian politics. They thought alignment with Subhas Chandra Bose's proposed left wing within Congress would give them such an opportunity. When Gandhiji started Civil Disobedience the Communists did not participate, citing the Non Violent nature of the movement which went against their principles. But they also did not take up any active movement against the British. They remained a free rider, they slowly penetrated Congress taking advantage of the leftist block of Subhas. But when Subhas needed them most, after Tripuri Congress, they conveniently deserted him as Subhas was becoming too confrontational with the British. Subhas wrote in the Forward magazine about the Communists - " In 1930 those who had gone for National Struggle, were condemned as counter revolutionaries." The Communists wanted a safe life and their alignments and ideologies were never in the interest of India. They took refuge in internationalism to ridicule the Nationalists and the Nationalist movement. In 1940 they backtracked from taking side with Subhas because of a new reason. "Without Congress's participation the National unity would be endangered." It is a pity that even a section of men and women who were sincere in there opposition against the British and fought side by side, for instance with Masterda Surjya Sen, were transformed after they took up the Communist ideology - noted among them being Kalpana Datta and Ganesh Ghosh. Communist Party of India and M.N Roy's party actively sided with the British after Germany attacked Russia. India's interest was put in the backburner, Russia's interest became paramount for them and the world war of Imperialists against the Fascists became a People's war. Subhas Chandra Bose became "Quisling", and "Tojo's Dog." The same M.N Roy took money from British Government. The Communist Party actively supported the Muslim League in the interest of the Muslim workers. They even supported Direct Action Day in the places where Muslims were a majority. Their leaders like Jyoti Basu were sympathetic to Jinnah's demand and even called for annexation of Calcutta to the East Pakistan as per demand from Muslim League. Only the staunch opposition of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee saved Calcutta from becoming another killing field of the Hindu diaspora.

Years later a great man would loudly lament the betrayal of the Communists and would utter a terrible prophecy - the Godless creed of Communism would sink, never to rise again. This creed carries death in its womb. It would die in its place of origin. That great man possibly would never forget, nor forgive the betrayal in 1940 and beyond, the extreme opportunistic role of the Communists in the Indian Independence Movement for which they were never held accountable thanks to their pet historians.

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