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Members of the Azad Hind Provisional Government

1. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - Head of State, Prime Minister, Minister of war, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Supreme Commander of INA

2. Lt. Col. Lakshmi Swaminathan - Women's department - Cabinet Minister

3. Major General A.C Chatterji - Finance - Cabinet Minister

4. S.A Ayer - Publicity and Propaganda - Cabinet Minister

5. Major General A.D Loganadhan - Cabinet Minister

6. Major General J.K Bhonsle - Cabinet Minister, Chief of Army Staff of INA

7. Major General M.Z Kiani - Cabinet Minister

8. Col. Shah Nawaz Khan - Cabinet Minister

9. Col. N.S Bhagat - Cabinet Minister

10. Col. Gulzara Singh - Cabinet Minister

11. Col. Ehsan Qadir - Cabinet Minister

12. Anand Mohan Sahay - Cabinet Minister

13. Karim Ghani

14. Bashir Ahmed

15. Paramanand

16. Debnath Das

17. D.M Khan

18. A Yellappa

19. John Thivy

20. Ishar Singh

21. A.N Sarkar

22. N. Raghavan

23. Aziz Ahmed - Cabinet Minister

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