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Neelganj Massacre, lets neither forgive nor forget

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

26/3 Madras Regiment pulled the trigger on hapless, 2500 INA prisoners classified by the British as the "blackest". It was a Hijli massacre recreated only on a much larger scale on 25 Sep 1945. Nehru gave a deliberate, false statement that only 5 had died in the firing.

And he had the temerity to ban INA soldiers in the army (Image courtesy Facebook forum Netaji the LIberator of India). The standing order was from Brig Lisley from British Army HQ. As per the diary of Col G.S Dhillon, the INA military head who was tried in Red Fort, about 2300 INA prisoners were fired upon in Nilganj PoW camp by the 26/3 Madras Regiment led by Major A.C Gopalan Nambiar, Capt Menon, Subedar Ramaswami Thevar, confirmed by eye witness accounts (courtesy twitter - Prof Kapil Kumar, Anuj Dhar). Eye witnesses also recount the horrific murder of INA men in Jhikhargacha prison camp by the British Army where the blood flowed in the nearby river even a day after the bodies were disposed. The noise of firing was heard for the whole night and the locals were warned against revealing any thing they may had witnessed. INA Lt. KG Panikkar revealed in an interview, though he could not confirm the number of people killed.

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