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Netaji's marriage - few questions raised by Author Narayan Sanyal

Narayan Sanyal, a famous Bengali author whose books based on contemporary science and thriller, are pretty popular, raised some critical questions about the marriage of Netaji by expressing his grave doubt. This is an excerpt from his Bengali book (Ami Netaji ke Dekhechi). The questions are as follows:

  1. If Subhas Chandra Bose married Emilie, what was the nature of that marriage? If it was a Civil marriage, there must be a registered document. There is no such document. If a Hindu marriage or Christian marriage, either of them has to accept the other's religion. There is no such evidence of either Netaji becoming a Christian or Fraul Schenkle becoming a Hindu

  2. If there was a Civil marriage there should have been a witness. No witness of Netaji's marriage has ever come forward, nor any photograph of the ceremony could be produced

  3. If such a marriage took place then what was the reaction of the Nazi Government? It is absolutely ridiculous to claim that they were unaware of the marriage if any

  4. None came forward with the news and information of the marriage before Netaji's disappearance - Nambiar, Girija Mukherjee, Alexander Werth, Abid Hassan

  5. Why didn't Frau Schenkle change her surname - may be a minor one, but if her daughter claims herself to be "Anita Brigitte Pfuff" in all official documents, what prevented her from declaring herself as Emilie Schenkle Bose in her official correpondence?

  6. Between 1943-1945 there was regular diplomatic channel between Japan and Germany. And yet, the Supreme Commander of Azad Hind Government did not even enquire about his "wife and daufghter?" Is that possible for a character like Netaji who was anxious about the welfare of everyone?

  7. Why did Frau Schenkle not have any urge to come forward with the facts (of her marriage with Netaji, the circumstances surrounding it, who were the actors) right after 18th Aug, or during the INA trials?

Very valid questions, but who will answer?

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