Nripendranath Sirkar - N.N Sirkar - Advocate General and a Collaborator of the British Government

Know the Collaborators series - This series is aimed to expose the collaborators and traitors who helped the British Government and worked against the interest of the country. It is unfortunate that several Indians sold their motherland to the British Government for the sake of their own selfish interest. One of them was Nripendranath Sirkar, who received a "Sir" title for his devotion to the British. One of the key accomplishments of Nripen Sirkar was his extremely uncivil utterances in the case against Shanti Ghosh and Suniti Choudhury, the two school girls who killed Stevens. N.N Sirkar justified molestation of the two school grounds on the ground that they had the audacity to kill a British official. What a great devotion to the white masters! He was awarded with a post in the Viceroy's Council.

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