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Remembering October 21st - setting up The first recognized Independent Government of India

October 21st 1943 - the day on wwhich our first Prime Minister/President and the HEad to State took oath on behalf of an independent, popular, sovereign government that was recognized by atleast nine countries officially. The council of ministers was a diversified portfolio comprising of the best of the Indian Indepdence League. Not all of them remain committed and true to the cause in the end though. However, this is a proud moment for the whole of India and unfortunately we as a nation have totally forgotten this historic day. The Governments have deliberately erased the public memory. On this historic day Netaji gave his thrilling speech to a huge gathering and addressed a press conference. He wrote the speech all by himself on the night before, without a pause and never stooped to review. The speech was delivered in English and translated to Hindusthani and Tamil.

Members of the Cabinet:

S C Bose, Head of State, Prime Minister and MInister for War and Foreign Affairs

Lt Col A C Chatterjee, Minister of Finance

Dr (Capt) Lakshmi Sahgal, Minister of Women’s Organisation

Shri A M Sahay, Secretary with Ministerial Rank

Shri S A Ayer, Minister of Publicity and Propaganda

Lt Col J K Bhonsle, Representative of INA

Lt Col Loganathan, Representative of INA

Lt Col Ehsan Qadir, Representative of INA

Lt Col N S Bhagat, Representative of INA

Lt Col M Z Kiani, Representative of INA

Lt Col Aziz Ahmed, Representative of INA

Lt Col Shah Nawaz Khan, Representative of INA

Lt Col Gulzara Singh, Representative of INA

Rash Behari Bose, Supreme Advisor

Karim Giani, Advisor from Burma

Debnath Das, Advisor from Thail

Sardar Ishar Singh, Advisor from Thailand

D M Khan, Advisor from Hong Kong

A Yellappa, Advisor from Singapore

A N Sarkar, Advisor from Singapor

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