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Shoulamari Sadhu's explosive revelation

The excerpt taken from the book Banhiman Netaji translates into the following: The founder of the Shoulamari Ashrama, Swami Saradanandaji told this writer (of Banhiman Netaji) on 7th June, 1964, that Netaji had been killed by the Japanese. It was his personal opinion although he could not establish any rational. On the same day in an extended interview he said that, Nehru and few of his associates believed that Netaji was alive and if he would come to India it would be easy to declare him as imposter if Saradanandaji claimed himself publicly as Netaji. It was committed to give few crore rupees to the ashrama with caveat that Saradanandaji would not be involved in any socio political activity. From this interview it is clear that a) the claim of Bhagwanji in Oi Mahamanab Ase was correct, that "JLN Combine" indeed wanted Saradanandaji to come out and declare himself as Netaji b) It also explains the presence of B.N Mallik and IB officials in Shoulamari - they wanted to curve out a deal possibly at the behest of the Government c) Saradanandaji deliberately lied about Netaji getting killed so that he need not have to disclose anything else on where Netaji was

taji actually was

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