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Spiritual Life of Netaji in Singapore, from the reminiscences of Bhaskaran

At night when everybody was asleep, Netaji felt an irresistible urge to meditate, to escape the busy and almost insane routine that engulfed him during the days. He used to tell his driver to take out his car. He went alone, without bodyguards. Bhaskaran and other associates would call up Ramakrishna Mission and inform Swami Bhaswarananda, thne minister in charge or the President, who would call and inform the HQ when Netaji's car reached Ramakrishna Mission. After 2-3 hrs the President Maharaj would call the HQ to inform that Netaji's car went out of the ashrama premises. When he reached the temple, Netaji would remove his military gears and wore a Gerua (ochre) coloured silk dhoti. His body would be uncovered. His handbag carried three things - a pocket edition Gita, a pair of glasses, and Rudrakhsha beads for japam. In the sanctum sanctorium, in front of the Holy Trio of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda, the supreme commander would sit in meditation. The President maharaj would lit some incense sticks and switch off all electric lights. Only a lamp would give a tiny light. Outside it was a usual blackout night, even carpet bombing and Japanese sirens were regular features. Inside, the sannyasi would sit in meditation, for hours together, and the world and its worries would vanish for him.

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