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Subhas Chandra Bose on Youth Movement

About youth movement Subhas Chandra Bose says, " The Youth movement in its scope is coexistent with the life itself. It therefore follows that the Youth movement will have as many departments as there are aspects in our life. If we are to rejuvenate the body we'll need sports, athletics and gymnastics. If we are to emancipate and rejuvenate the mind we shall need a new literature, a higher and better type of education and a healthy conception of morality. If we are to rejuvenate society, we shall have to do away ruthlessly with hide bound ideas and customs and substitute new and healthy ones instead."....."Broadly speaking the Youth Movement has five aspects, viz. political, social, economic, physical and cultural. The aim of the movement is two fold one - to break this fivefold bondage and as a result of this emancipation, to give an impetus to self fulfillment and self expressions."

He continues, "The desire of freedom is the fountainhead of all inspiration, the secret spring of all our creative faculties. When a man is intoxicated with the desire for freedom, his whole aspect changes, as does Nature under the magic influence of Spring." "The Youth Movement is an emblem of our dissatisfaction with the present order of things. It stands for the revolt of the youth against the age old bondage, tyranny and oppression. It seeks to create a better world for ourselves and for humanity by removing all shackles and giving the fullest scope to the creative activity of mankind."

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