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Subhas in London - Taken from Amiya Nath Bose's My Uncle

Subhas had gone to Badgastein in 1937 to recover from an illness and Amiya who was studying in Cambridge had come to give him company. A number of persons including Bose's secretary Emilie Schenkl, A.C.N Nambiar, were also there. During these days Bose completed his autobiography, An Indian Pilgrim. He intended to visit London before returning to India. He met the Indian residents in London in a Tea party, met Rajani Palme Dutta, the communist leader, and addressed a public meeting at Caxton Hall in London where Arthur Greenwood of the Labour Party presided and a large no. of labour M.Ps were present. He had a meeting with the President of Ireland, de Valera. He also met Sir Stafford Cripps. He was staying in Artillery Mansion. He met de Valera in the Piccadilly hotel and talked with him throughout the night.

Subhas Chandra Bose in Europe
Subhas in Europe

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