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Subhas moved from Jail to Jail

Congress had called a meeting of its executive committee towards the end of December, 1931 when Gandhiji returned empty handed from the second round table conference. Subhas was also invited to attend the session in Bombay. On 4th of January 1932, Gandhiji was arrested and on 5th of January Subhas was arrested from Calcutta Mail in the Kalyan station. He was sent to Seoni jail where due to the poor quality of food (some suspected deliberate poisoning) his health broke down within a short while and he was transferred to Jabalpur jail. Sarat Bose was also interned there and the two brothers kept each other company. There Sarat Bose developed diabetes and the ill health continued for Subhas. He was then brought to the Madras prison. There he did not take any solid food because of stomach pain and indigestion and became a wreck. He would not eat himself but would cook for others and feed others. In this jail he took political classes for the inmates, observed a day long fast on the Jatin Das's martyrdom day and managed to send out a manuscript of his Indian Struggle for publishing in Coimbatore (Reminiscences of Mukundalal Sarkar).

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