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Subhas's travel to Europe - 1933

Subhas's health had broken down because of irregularities of prison life. Lt. Col. Buckley, who had been treating Subhas Bose, had recommended his transfer to Europe for a treatment. After prolonged deliberation, the Government of India granted permission despite their unwillingness, but they laid a condition that he would have to leave for Europe straight after release from prison and won't be able to meet his relatives or friends. He was released in Bombay and was immediately packed off to a Europe bound vessel. He arrived in Vienna in March 1933 for the treatment of Tuberculosis. The British knew that Subhas was their most dangerous enemy. He would use the opportunity of a stay in Europe to promote and propagate the cause of India, esp. among the leaders of the nations that are inimical to Britain. Therefore the Government instructed all the British embassies and consulates to keep an active watch on Subhas's movements and activities. 

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