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The bitter truth - Communist-Islamist nexus partitioning India

The history books written by Marxist writers have not highlighted the role played by the Communists in triggering the partition of India. It is well known that the Communists collaborated with the British and opposed every Nationalist movement after 1939. They scuttled the plan of Netaji to foment a revolution in India in 1944. They collaborated with the British police to put the Nationalist revolutionaries, especially those who were close to Netaji, in jail. According to the reminiscences of Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy, names of such Communist leaders included the ertswhile revolutionary associates of Masterda Suryo Sen- Ganesh Ghosh and Kalpana Joshi (wife of CPI leader P.C Joshi). The British rewarded the communists handsomely for their loyalty. The Indian Communists were directed by the British Communists, the party was everything to them and the party ideology(?) was supreme. The communists were hands in glove with the Islamists, the Muslim League, to bring about the partition of India. Not only that, according to the admission of some of the Communist leaders, their party actively colluded with the Islamists on the Direct Action Day on Aug 16, 1946 in which the CPI was involved in the brutality perpetrated on the ordinary Hindus, while saving their own Hindu communist leaders. Thousands of Hindu women were raped and murdered, tens of thousands were killed. But the Muslim League ensured that no harm could befall the Hindu communist leaders like Pramod Dasgupta, Jyoti Bose, and others. The Communists conspired with the Islamists to kill fellow Hindus. They wanted to handover Calcutta and adjoining districts to Muslim League, to become the capital of East Pakistan. The fierce resistance of a section of the Hindus scuttled their evil design. But they brought the great genocide in Noakhali, in Jassore, in Kumilla, Chattogram and other districts of East Bengal. It is ironic that many of those refugees who crossed over to India became active supporters of the Communist party, oblivious of their party's role in bringing about the genocide of their fellow Hindus. With this kind of pathetic sense of dharma, was it any accident that Bengalis were slaughtered in millions across East Pakistan? Communists, however, got sanctuary from the Islamists but not for long. They were slaughtered by the Pakistani army which did not distinguish between allied Hindus and nonallied Hindus like their Muslim League counterparts. Therefore most of the East Pakistani communists escaped to India. In India, they thrived and continued to appease the Islamists and collaborate with them in their evil designs. Years later, one great man pointed out the terrible betrayal of the Indian Communists and made a bone-chilling prediction - "The Godless creed shall be destroyed like a flash in a pane." " This creed is carrying its death in its own cell."Possibly the death march has just begun.

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