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The concocted "death" on 18th August

The so-called "daughter" has requested to bring back the "ashes" and perform a DNA test. Yet the so-called "daughter" has not agreed to a DNA test herself to prove her legacy. Many tweets on social media on 18th August expressed their tributes, some by the ignorant, most of them by particular political party cadres whose leadership was responsible for ostracizing, demeaning, debasing, and denigrating the greatest leader. Would like to remind this particular political party and its cadres that if you do not believe in God, at least believe in the revenge of history, as Swamiji said. The revenge of history is terrible.

However, one great man claimed that he was merely a dead ghost, a "Mrito Bhoot," dead to the world. He said that he could not be the leader, the Netaji, anymore, because he himself was led. When this statement was told to Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnathji, a great spiritual leader, by a Subhas enthusiast, the former said that Subhas was correct, since he was now a realized soul. So Netaji was dead, but Subhas was not. The great man said (source OMA) - "I know this is my last mortal coil, so my only concern is to see that my sadhana is put through." He said that he had undergone a complete metamorphosis. He advised his followers not to attempt to understand him through the prism of his previous life. He continued, "I am inscrutable...there is no one in the world who can fathom the Mahakal. If anybody ascribes that he is an authority on me, I would call him a darned fool. Know yourself first and try to know others..."

He said, "I have cheated death so often, I have been cheating death in every day of my survival." His words of disgust for the Bengali politicians were discernible, "If Bengal thinks that its own "he" will return, it is mistaken. "He" is dead; Bengal has killed him."

About his so-called daughter, who demands the return of his "ashes," he said (source MK): " If Scotland Yard officer's daughter can become .....Bose, Ma Durga can also become a Christian saint."

His disappointment with the state of India was evident (source OMA), "This humble Faqir has been saved by dying. The Mother has saved him, he will no longer be hog-ridden. What he did in his previous life, he will no longer have to justify. Old relationships and deeds will no longer pester him. Else he would have been asked every moment that twenty years back you have said this and now you are saying this, twenty years back you have done this, and now you are doing this."

About India he said, "divided mother will become reunited again. Godless, greedy creed will be finished....Many maps will change...and the Ghost of the dead's sadhana will be complete."

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