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The Twelve Working Committee Members who resigned in protest against Subhas Bose's presidentship

After Tripuri Congress Gandhiji became exposed. The real man behind the mask of the Mahatma came out to whom his pet ideal was much more important than country's independence and whose pet ego could not accept the fact that a person whom he could not align to his pet ideology, could have the audacity to go against his dictum and re-nominate himself. But he grudgingly accepted defeat. "After all, Subhas Babu is not an enemy of the country." Gandhiji further said that without his pet ideals there was nothing left. He said that it was evident that the majority of the Congress delegates did not want his ideals. Gandhi also issued a veiled threat - "if cooperation is impossible, there is no other way than to part company. Those who are hesitant to live within (Subhas) Congress, should live it." It is quite evident from this statement that to Gandhi, his ideals were more important than that of National Interest and that of Congress. If even majority is hindrance to establishing Gandhiji's pet ideals, whatever they are - Gandhi followers must walk out of the orbit of majority. To be in sync with Gandhi they must step over the aspirations and the ambitions of the Nation and ignore its yearning for freedom. Surprise, surprise - Gandhi's loyal followers did respond in unison, by resigning en masse, despite fervent appeals from a terribly sick Subhas Bose not to do so, despite Subhas's plea of postponing Wardha Conference. Who were these Gandhi loyalists who worked against Subhas Chandra Bose and against India's interest? Let the countrymen know their names - they were - 1) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel - future iron man 2) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad - author of India Wins Freedom 3) Babu Rajendra Prasad - the "first" President of India and President of Congress after Subhas resigned 4) Sarojini Naidu - the nightingale was too enamoured by the Eagles of politics 5) Bhulabhai Desai - the orator and the legal Eagle 6) Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya 7) Harekrishna Mahtab - whom Subhas only brought from Orissa 8) J.B Kripalani 9) Abdul Gaffur 10) Jairamdas Daulatram 11) Jamunalal Bajaj (One of the several capitalists always remaining around Gandhiji to ensure that Congress did not go with a direct confrontation with the British, else his business interests would suffer). The twelfth man was Jawaharlal Nehru - oh Yes, the great future PM of partitioned free India squarely blamed Subhas for all these, forgetting that in 1936 when these members did exactly the same against him as President, Gandhi had to rush in to protect his mentee. Gandhi waged another Non Cooperation, this time against Indian Nation and Indian aspiration, because it dared to go against his ideals and principles. The Gandhi clan also removed themselves from the Parliamentary Board. Secretary Kripalani had already resigned. So the group and clan with its hallowed portal of ideal became much bigger than Nation and the National interest. The saint however did not come forward, he was too busy to address some petty issues in a Princely state. He had empowered his group, so whatever they did was with his full blessings. The last time the Working Committee of Gandhi resigned protesting against Jawaharlal, their strategy was to get Jawaharlal align to their own interest. With Nehru, who was always vacillating, always weak and power hungry, they succeeded with their blackmailing tactics, but not with Subhas.

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