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Tuhin Mukherjee who endangered Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

(Adapted from Netajir Secret Service by Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy) One of the guys who accompanied Dr. Roy and others in submarine for Netaji's Secret Service work was Tuhin Mukherjee, who was an uncle of a well known historian and "Netaji researcher" of present times and a Congress party loyalist. When Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy, Haripada Mitra (husband of Bela/Amita Mitra, niece of Netaji), Amrik Singh and Jyotish Bose (related to my own mother) were produced in court for trial on the charges of espionage, a key person to testify against them was Tuhin Mukherjee. Accompanied by his father in law he appeared in the court for the first time on 29th May, 1945 as a key witness for the prosecution. He was laughing all the way while spinning lies after lies against Azad Hind, Netaji, Rashbehari Bose and his former colleagues whose lives were held hostage by his testimony. In the words of Dr. Roy, "He stooped so low as to hurl abuses at Netaji and Rashbehari Bose. He forgot that at that very moment his wife and children were being taken care of by the Indian Independence League members. He tried to put many other Indian members of Malaya in grave danger." He said that he handed over all the instruments to his father in law who was employed with the East India Rail Goods department and gave part of the money given to him the Azad Hind Government to his father in law. With the rest of the money given to him by the Azad Hind Government he went to Mumbai and lived happily. He went to the British police commissioner in Mumbai and revealed the entire plan.

It was not only Tuhin though, there were many other collaborators whom the British employed as witnesses for the prosecution. One of them was Binod Bannerjee, who was the assistant secretary of Subhas Chandra Bose when Bose was the Congress president (shows true colors of Congress, yet again!). One guy, owner of the Victoria club in Puri, got Rs 500 as reward from the British Government for bringing the freedom fighters to justice.

Shall we ever forgive or forget the Tuhin Mukherjees? Congress Government of course let all the collaborators go because that Government was the biggest collaborator. In fact most of the collaborators and traitors led a very happy and prosperous life under Congress and JLN. Its only those who gave their everything suffered silently. But of course, Mahakal has his own way of justice and that karmic justice cannot be evaded.

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