Vallabh Bhai Patel challenges his elder brother's Will

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Vithalbhai Patel, who was suffering from serious ailments, left the money he possessed, in a Will, to Subhas Bose so that he might carry on anti-British campaign in foreign countries. There was much litigation about this Will in Bombay High Court (as Sardar Patel did not take it too kindly that his brother left his legacy to Subhas). Subhas had also nursed Patel senior when the latter was seriously ill and therefore Patel senior showed his gratitude in leaving behind his wealth amounting to Rs 100,000 to Subhas for the national work that he intended to carry out. However Sardar Patel contested that Will and seeing the possibility of a bitter dispute, Subhas voluntarily gave up his right on that legacy. This incident is a blot on Sardar Patel, which shows how blind hatred, jealousy and ideological differences can cause even greater human beings to stoop low.

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