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What was the fault of Gopinath Saha, Gandhi Maharaj?

Gopinath Saha, the twenty three year old tragic hero wanted to kill Charles Tegart. Tegart was the Calcutta Police Commissioner who was notorious for putting red chillies in the private parts of Nanibala Devi, a woman freedom fighter, to extract her confession, and was a veritable terror to the freedom fighters. Saha, by mistake killed Ernest Day, a European in broad daylight in a busy market place. He expressed regret for that killing but his intent and his conscience was very clear. Gopinath Saha was sentenced to death by the British court. Subhas Chandra Bose tried his very best to save Gopinath Saha. Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das brought a grievance proposal to commemorate the death of Saha. However when Gandhjii heard about it he was livid with anger. In order to pacify him, the Ahmedabad Congress adopted a proposal expressing grief for Ernest Day and condemning the act of Gopinath Saha. Despite giving up his life and displaying the highest patriotism, Saha remained a condemned and guilty person for Congress. Deshbandhu was extremely unhappy about this, and so was Subhas Chandra Bose, but they were helpless. The Congress ecosystem was controlled by a push button - that of Gandhiji. When Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged for killing Saunders, the same Gandhian Congres adopted a resolution grieving for their death, when Gandhi Maharaj was shown black flag in Karachi and elsewhere for capitulating to the British in the name of Irwin Pact. So how was Gopinath's sacrifice different from that of Bhagat Singh, Gandhi Maharaj? Just because he did not enjoy the political backing that Bhagat Singh had? Or was it because he had the sympathy of Chittaranjan Das? Its all politics for you Gandhiji? Or your pet hobby Ahimsa is greater than the Nation and the sacrifices of the youth Gandhi Maharaj?

No Gandhiji, you did not change. Even in 1946 your attitude remained the same, as was evident from your treatment of the Naval revolutionaries. They trusted you and they were betrayed. They were left to die and dishonoured by you and your followers. Your followers and your leagcy have ruled this country for 75 years, converting the sacrifices of the young men and women to joke. Hope you regret Gandhi Maharaj! Hope you regret seeing the condition of the political monster that you bred, that has spread its branches and roots and engulfed the whole of India. Do you remember 1939 Gandhi Maharaj? Do you remember your (infamous) statement, "Afterall Subhas Babu is not the country's enemy." Do you remember how your followers, the twelve disciples of the modern Christ revered and worshiped by the West for granting them the lifeblood to rule India time and again, humuliated an extremely sick Subhas Chandra Bose? Do you remember Gandhiji? Do you regret? Do you remember the letter that Rabindranath Tagore wrote you, almost imploring you for takeing steps for restoration of sanity in the aftermath of expelling Subhas, which your monumental ego could not digest? Do you remember Gandhi Maharaj? Do you regret? You will get some boquets Gandhiji, every year, from corrupt and power hungry politicians, from vain leaders, but you will never get the genuine love and affection that Subhas Bose, your bete noire got, never, Gandhi Maharaj. I don't hate you Gandhi Maharaj, I respect you for your own sacrifices, your contribution, your genuine love for the Nation. You are great, yet I pity you. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee was right, perhaps you should have listened to him. Perhaps you should have listened to Swami Ashokananda and should have been more uncompromising in the demand for India's freedom. Then your brand equity would have probably reduced, and to the Western nations you would have become another renegede like Subhas, but you would have won genuine love and affection from the posterity Gandhi Maharaj. You are revered as a saint in this country, yet was your conduct so saintly, or was there some ego assertion? Why Jatin Das's death to you was a diabolic suicide Maharaj? Maharaj, ahimsa is not for the householder. Swami Vivekananda has said that very clearly. If somebody slaps me, I shall not rest until I give him ten tight slaps. If somebody loots my house I shall make sure that he pays a price. Where was Gopinath wrong Gandhi Maharaj? Did he deserve that condemnation. He also loved his country like you did. He also sacrificed his everything, including his life. You lost yours as well, but not for the country Gandhi Maharaj, for politics, in which you were so adept and Gopinath was not.

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