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Why Mahatma paved the road for Subhas's ouster from Congress

Mahatma Gandhi had hoped that he could bring Subhas around to his own ideology and convert him just like he did to Jawaharlal Nehru, by making him the Congress president in Haripura session. But in the year that followed he realized that Subhas was not Jawaharlal. Subhas had one single goal, that of complete independence, whatever be the means. Moreover he was a modernist unlike Gandhi. He believed in planning, industrialization and scientific progress. He aligned himself closely with the leading scientists, formed the planning committee and outlined a plan for the overall development of India post independence. The cardinal mistake that he did was that he did not belong to Gandhi coterie and did not subscribe to his ideology. Mahatma Gandhi was a dictator. Either you will have to align to his ideology or you do not belong to Congress. However he had a genuine appreciation for Subhas. He wanted badly that Subhas should join him, his camp. When his hopes were dashed he was ruthless and brutal. Subhas’s stance of taking advantage of the upcoming war in Europe to launch a full scale assault on the British was not in conformance with Gandhi who also had in mind the interests of his capitalist friends. Any revolution against the British would be bad for business. Moreover Congress leaders were getting old and they had tasted power in the provincial ministries. They did not have any further appetite for a long drawn confrontation with the British Government under Linlithgow. So Subhas had to be opposed in Tripuri. But Subhas won despite all obstacles, including an inexplicable illness that caused him to suffer much. So hindrances had to be created so that a self respecting Subhas had no other option than to walk out of Congress. Gandhiji did just that. He ensured that his hold remained on the CWC and he was unwilling to propose anything about the composition of CWC. It was a stalemate and Subhas had no other alternative than to resign.

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