Women revolutionaries take charge

Updated: Mar 28

One of the hallmarks of 1920s and 1930s was the rise of a large no. of women revolutionaries. In 1932, Preetilata Wadeddar and her team led a daring assault on the European Club. Preetilata was killed but the act left a deep impression. Preetilata was associated with Sri Sangha of Leela Nag and Anil Baran Roy. In Kumilla magistrate Stevens was shot dead by Shanti Ghosh and Suniti Choudhury. Bina Das shot Governor Stanley Jackson in the convocation of Calcutta University. Ujjwala Majumdar actively participated in the attempt to eliminate Governor Anderson and was sentenced to deportation. Did this awakening result in Subhas's resolve to form an army of women in his final assault on the Raj? Latika Ghosh was educated in Oxford and started the mahila rashtriya sangha in Chattagram in 1928. She was the leader of the woman volunteers for the Calcutta Congress of 1928. Kalyani Das was a part of the Bengal Volunteer Corps of Subhas Chandra Bose that took active part in the Calcutta Congress in 1928. She was one of the founders of the Chhatri Sangha. She was the eldest daughter of Beni Madhab Das, Subhas's guru. She was arrested during the Civil Disobedience Movement. Kalpana Datta (later Joshi) was another firebrand revolutionary belonging to the Master da's team. Kamala Das Gupta provided the revolver to Bina Das to fire at the Governor.

Nanibala devi (Pishima) was one of the earliest of the women revolutionaries. She was associated with the Jugantar party and supplied pistol to Ramchandra Majumdar in jail by acting as his wife, despite being a widow, a daring act for which she was socially ostracized by her family. She was terribly tortured by the British police to extract information. She was the first female state prisoner.

Bina Das, the lady who shot Stanley Jackson


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